The company DELTA HL s.r.o. has more than 20 years experiences with processing of refined steel, fibre composites, nonferrous metal and their alloys. The company is situated in a strategically beneficial location – in Jablonné v Podještědí in three countries corner (CZ, DE, PL). Our significant business partners from the EU, SUS countries trade in the range of building machinery, rail vehicles, automotive industry, robotics, aviation and sport.

The main activity of the DELTA HL s.r.o. company is in the production of high-stressed steel structure components for building machinery. The production programme also includes the manufacturing of components for agricultural machinery, dynamically stressed components used in rail transport and steel and composite structures for production in the automotive industry. In the last three years the company has significantly modernised its technical facilities and technological processes. During the same time the company has complied with and gained all necessary industry standards, certificates and inspections etc. needed to produce to this extent.

Welding and CNC machining of steel structures

We are welding and machining structures which are extremely strained by dynamic forces, abrasion, vibration and impacts. We use material specially developed for these extreme load such as the S690QL, S700MC, S890QL, S890QC, S960QL, S1100QL, HARDOX, DUROSTAT, XAR, Dillidur, Brinar 400-600. We process structure components up to 11.500 mm length and 25 tons weight.

Development and production
Development and production

We constantly develop and innovate structure components of machines and equipment to increase their mechanical and lifetime parameters. We apply the latest materials, such as the high-elongation carbon composite, high-strength fine-grain steel, Al, Mg, Ti alloys and the other. Modernized manufacturing equipment, robotics and the automatization of our working place, help us to ensure maximum manufacturing productivity at repeated high quality of our products. We process structure components up to 11.500 mm length and 25 tons weight.

Repairs and renovations

We use more than 20 years know-how of development, construction and manufacturing the extremely strained components of building, mining, railway and aircraft machinery. We apply our knowledges from repairs and renovations at development and design of new products so they are safer and failure-free.

Sales and service

We create our products together with our clients so they meet their expectations. The construction is pointed at high productivity and lifetime. Our clients are involved in the stages of development. We ensure technical service on requested site. We will help you with choice of the most suitable spare parts.