Rippers are special devices for miniexcavators and excavators for destroying of soil and compression of crusted based. In forestry are used for extracting roots and stubs, in quarries are used for handling with rocks and stone blocks. Development of bespoke produced rippers is followed by your requirements of technical parameters such as optimized form in relation to weight, durability requierements, operation economy and at least the ecology. Everything is carefully elaborated by our design engineers and set into the operation after demanding tests by the help of the most modern developing MKP and CAD/CAM softwares. For production of high-stressed parts by impacts, vibrations, abrasion, chemical corrosion and heat shock we use the technologies and materials exclusively developed by our supplier ( Hardox, Weldox, Borox ).

Specification and parameters:

  • Teeth system optimized for durability and effectiveness of penetrating into the material.
  • Improved design for high-stress and easy cleansing at dump.
  • Clever edge designed for equal abrasion.
  • Hinge for clamping is designed for maximum toughness and resistance against impacts and dynamic stress.
  • Abrasion elements in the exposed places (teeth  protection, chocky bars, corner covers)