CNC machining

2D turning center X=800mm Y=500mm  
3D milling center X=1.200mm Y=500mm Z=400mm
4D horizontal boring machine X=1.100mm Y=1.100mm Z=1.600mm
5D horizontal boring machine X=3.500mm Y=1.600mm Z=2.200mm
6D floor-type boring machine X=10.000mm Y=1.500mm Z=2.100mm


3D metal sheet plasma cutting t=70mm X=14.000mm Y=4.000mm
3D tube plasma cutting t=70mm X=14.000mm pr.max=630mm
shearing (guillotine shears) t=8mm w=3.000mm  
2D flame cutting t=100mm X=14.000mm Y=4.000mm
CNC band saw cutting Ø max. =400 w=600mm h=400mm

Surface finish

Components primig max weight 24 t, length 14 m

Blasting with steel abrasive - running l=10.000mm w=1.500mm h=500mm


4D CNC folding l=4.000mm tmax=12mm P=200tun
Roll bending tmax.= 20mm Ø min.=280mm w=2.000mm

Automated robotic MIG/MAG welding

7D robotic station L=14.000mm d=3.600mm 2x robotic arm

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